General data protection regulation

Your personal data is being treated according to the law, with fairness and safety, and clearly. We are aware of our responsibilities that we have obtained by collecting your personal data. That is why we have created this list of important information about the process of your data, our responsibilities and your rights.


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Personal data is being collected and processed for the following purposes and in line with one of six possible legal standings (consent, reasoning or execution of contract, legal obligations, protection of person`s life interests, tasks in public interest, legal interests of collector and third parties), and only in time in which the collection is necessary.

Entering and executing the contractual relationship conclusion of a contract, marketing activities, selling products and similar provisions in force for marketing, selling, obligations, enforcement, taxes, and other reasoning or execution of valid contract time of contractual relationship and 10 years after its end
Enquires, additional information, ordering, products and services products and services reasoning or execution of contract time of contractual relationship and 10 years after its end
Sign-up for discount at first purchase, special offers individual`s consent until the cancellation of the consent
News, educational content, novelties sales and offers notifications about our business, novelties and special offers for you, sales that you can use, educational content about products, services, and other individual`s consent until the cancellation of the consent
Marketing research collaboration in questionnaires, surveys and other tools that we are using to get to know you and to give you the best possible user experience individual`s consent until the cancellation of the consent
Collaboration in contests news about contests, identification of collaborators and other individual`s consent for the contest winner also applicable tax laws until the consent cancellation, for contest winner also applicable tax laws

Everywhere where the collection and process of personal data is based on your personal consent, you have the option to change or cancel your consent, and to change your opinion regarding future collection of personal data at any time. If you want to do so, please use appropriate form.

Except in rare cases of rightly exceptions (criminal offence and other offences, state authority`s requests and justifiable legal requests from third parties) the processing is not based on legal interests of the collector or third parties.


To ensure positive conclusion and execution of the offer, we collect different types of personal data.

Information about client Identification and contact information, wishes, demands, consents, enquires, information about current and past orders, packages, information about written, telephone or personal contacts individual publicly accessible sources own records
Information about contractual relationships information about the conclusion of a contract and amendments, information about responses to enquires, information about payments, information about orders, information about possible legal remedies individual publicly accessible sources own records


We use personal data in our company as a data controller, and we do pass them to our contractor partners, which are obligated to respect strict protection of all the data.

If you have decided to participate in one of our contests or communication campaigns, we will also pass personal data required for those purposes to the chosen partner of that contest or campaign (suppliers of different retail products).


Personal data is shared into the countries outside of the European Union only to the companies that are on a Privacy shield list with which they guarantee appropriate protection of personal data and legal rights following the 49th article of regulation.


Our company operates digitally, but all the decisions connected to the contractual relationship and other decisions with legal or other similar consequences are done by our employees with appropriate IT support.


Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and appropriate European and Slovenian laws grantees you a line of rights about privacy and personal data protection, among them:

  • right of information about the procession of your personal data (text that you are reading is part of execution of this right);
  • right to access personal data means that you have the right to get a confirmation from us, as the collector, about the procession of personal data, and when the personal data is processed to get access to those personal data and other information (purpose for process, types of data, data users, time of collection, existence of rights and appeal options, data sources, possible automatic decision-making or specific profiling);
  • right to rectification means that you have the right to demand that we, as a collector, without unnecessary delay correct the incorrect personal data connected to you; to comply the purpose of collection, you also have the right to complete uncompleted personal data, including presentation of additional declaration;
  • right to the erasure of data, also called the »right to be forgotten«, means that you have the right to demand that we, as the collector, without unnecessary delay erase all the personal data connected to you, if the prescribed conditions are fulfilled (collection is no longer necessary, cancellation of consent and non-existence of other legal grounds, justifiable objection, illegal processing, the erase is obligated by previsions in force, and other);
  • right to the restriction of processing means the right to demand that we, as the collector, restrict the processing of your data, if you oppose to the correction of data or if you have filed for appeal, or if the data process is illegal, or if the processing is not necessary for the collector anymore, but for assertion, prosecution or protection of your legal claims;
  • right of data portability means the right to receive the personal data connected to you, that you have given to us, as the collector, in the structured, generally used and machine-readable form, and the right to pass those data to other collectors without any limitations (only appropriate for data that we process automatically in line with the consent or contractual relationship);
  • right to object means that you can, at any time, object against some types of processes of your personal data (public interests, legal interest of manager, promotional purposes) and we have to prove legit interest for the process or end with its processing (always in the case of marketing promotion);
  • rights regarding automotive data process and profiling means that for you the decision which is solely based on automatic process does not apply, including the profile formation, which has legal or similar effects, if that is not necessary, restricted by the law or if you do not give your consent.

We would be happy to assist you with the assertion of your rights or in providing additional information or clearing your dilemmas. Send us an email to:

Additional explanations

We would be happy to assist you with the assertion of your rights or in providing additional information or clearing your dilemmas. Send us an email to:

If you think that your rights or regulations about Data protections are being violated you can appeal to the competent national authorities. In Republic of Slovenia that is the Information Commissioner of Republic of Slovenia (Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana, phone: 01 230 97 30, fax: 01 230 97 78, email: